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Peugeot Talbot Sport Decals, Stickers and TRansfers for the 205 Rallye

PTS Decal Shop

Below is a selection of Peugeot Talbot Sport style decals which I have produced over the last few years, now offered for sale through this mini-site.

I have produced many one-offs of various other motorsport and OEM decals, so please do not hesitate to Contact Me if you require any custom decals or variations to any of the designs below.

PTS Grille Stripes - £7.50

PTS Grille Stripes

Grille Stripes produced in the Peugeot Talbot Sport colours, cut at the correct angle and supplied as a single sticker for ease of application.




PTS Tailgate Stripes - £7.50/£8.50

PTS Boot Stripes

Tailgate Stripes in the PTS colours, including the cut-out for the peugeot badge. Suitable for 'smooth' boots.



Also available, slightly longer to fit 'ridged' GTI style boot lids




PTS Flammes - £10.00

PTS Flammes

One Pair of opposing Peugeot Talbot Sport Flammes, suitable for application to the front wings. Approx. 10cm x 5.5cm




UK 205 Rallye Front Arche/Door Stripes - £25.00

Rallye Front Arche/Door Stripes

One Pair of front Arche/Door UK Peugeot 205 Rallye stripes

(Flammes and Script decals shown, are available separately)




UK 205 Rallye Rear Arche Stripes - £40.00

UK Rallye Rear Arche Stripes

One Pair of Rear Arche UK Peugeot 205 Rallye stripes




Peugeot 205 Rallye 'Script' Decal - £15.00

Rallye Script

3 Stickers of the 205 Rallye 'Script'. These stickers are exact replicas of the original and come in 2 different sizes. The 2 slightly larger stickers are for the doors and the slightly smaller sticker is intended for the boot.




UK 205 Rallye Decal/Sticker Set - £85.00

205 Rallye Decal Set

Entire set of Peugeot 205 Rallye (UK Version) decals. Comprising of Grille Stripes, Boot Stripes (with cut-out), PTS Wing Flammes, 3 x Rallye Script Stickers and Front & Rear Side Stripes.




Works Rally/T16 Style Decals - £65.00

Peugeot 205 T16 Works Rally Decals

Front and rear arch stickers in the style of the legendary T16 and Works Rally cars. Various sponsors logos (as on the rear) are available from here.

These decals are supplied in kit form and applied in stages, then cut once in place. For a guide on how to do this, please click here.




French Style Rallye Rear Quarter Badge Decals - £20.00

French Style 205 Rear Quarter Badge

These stickers are for the rear quarter badges of the 205 Rallye and are available as the standard 1.3, or any other engine size you require.

I have previously produced 1.4, 1.6 and 1.9 variants.

Please state which engine size stickers you require in the comments section of the PayPal checkout.




French Style 205 Rallye Tailgate Sticker - £10.00

French Boot Sticker

A single French style boot sticker, suitable for 'smooth' Tailgates.

Oddly enough, this sticker appeared on some 'new' UK rallyes at the time of launch...




Peugeot Talbot Sport Sunvisor/Sunstrip - £30.00

PTS Sunstrip

Peugeot Talbot Sport Style sunstrip, based on the official sunvisor used by the Group B T16s and other Peugeot cars of the 80s.

Also available in white, with blue 'Peugeot Talbot' text - please state which you require at time of odering, via the PayPal 'comments' box.

This particular strip is sized to fit the Peugeot 205, please state if you intend to use it for any other car and provide size required.




PTS Embroidered Flamme Patches (x2) - £20.00

Embroidered PTS Flammes

These Peugeot Talbot Sport Enbroidered Flammes are designed to replace your existing patches of your tired Rallye seats.

They are fractionally larger (measuring 110mm x 47mm approx.) than the original patches, which enable you to 'hide' any holes from the original stitching.

Best applied with fabric glue and 'tacked' into place.


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Please check back soon as I am constantly adding new designs, or Contact Me if you require anything which I've not listed.

All payments are processed with PayPal.

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