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A general guide demonstrating how to apply decals is available here. However, fitting the T16 Works Rally decals is a little more complicated. The step-by-step guide below will hopefully make it easier.

Step 1.

Apply the red strip first, in the desired location.

Red T16 Stripe

Step 2.

Apply the dark blue strip just below the red strip.

Dark Blue T16 Stripe

Step 3.

Apply the yellow strip just below the dark blue strip. apply a little water to the yellow strip surface, for the following step.

Yellow T16 Stripe

Step 4.

Carefully apply the light blue sheet. You'll notice that it is large than need (this is to cater for any discrepancies as a result of the above steps). Apply firmly to the car's surface, but NOT the yellow strip.

Light Blue T16 Decal

Step 5.

With a large, flexible ruler as a guide, carefully cut the entire decal at the desired angle with a sharp knife/scalpel. Only a very small amount of pressure is required and take care not to cut into the paintwork beneath.

Red T16 Stripe

Step 6.

Using the contour of the yellow sticker as guide, follow the line of the yellow sticker and trim off the excess light blue vinyl.

Red T16 Stripe

Step 7.

Cut along the door shut line with a sharp knife and tuck the excess decal around the edge of the panel.

Repeat the above steps for the rear decals

Red T16 Stripe

Works Rally/T16 Style Decals - £65.00

Peugeot 205 T16 Works Rally Decals

Front and rear arch stickers in the style of the legendary T16 and Works Rally cars. Various sponsors logos (as on the rear) are available from here..





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